Tony Stark Is A Fascinating Character Says Infinity War Director

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Infinity War co-director Joe Russo says that Tony Stark is a fascinating character. Just less than a week is renaming for the release of the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ever, Avengers: Infinity War. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the MCU and no directors have had a bigger impact on the franchise than the Russo Brothers. The duo first helmed Captain America: Winter Soldier, then expanded that personal narrative into Captain America: Civil War and have now found themselves tackling the gigantic task of tying the knot on one of the biggest experiments in movie history.

MCU kick started in 2008 with the Jon Favreau directorial Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. The movie was a turning point in the actor’s acting career made him the huge star that he is today. The character of Tony Stark seems like a tailor made for RDJ and we can’t even imagine anyone else playing that character.

It all started with Tony Stark 10 years ago and we all have seen his journey and accomplishments. During a recent interview with the Russo Brothers, Screenrant asked: What lies in store for Tony Stark and how do you guys view Stark at this point and what do you want audiences to take away with Stark in Infinity WarJoe Russo replied:

Well, he’s a fascinating character because he’s always a character in conflict with himself in some way. I think that is a sense of duty to protect the world is in conflict with his sense of duty to protect his family; that his ego is in conflict with is altruism. And so, uh, he, he is a futurist and I think a brilliant futurist, so he understands where the world is going, where the common narrative of the world is going, and he can predict that they’re out there lies a potentially unbeatable villain. So He’s been doing everything in his power to keep enhancing his technology so that he’s prepared for the day when someone like Thanos shows up to, uh, to threaten the universe and humanity. So he’s a very, very important character in the film and I think has been carrying the thematics of the Marvel universe more than any other character over the last ten years.

The character of Tony Stark has underwent a dramatic redemption arc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since his introduction in Iron Man. In today’s world, some audience might find it difficult to root for his character as he constantly fails in the struggles to better himself. But it’s an undisputed fact that Tony Stark has been the most prominent character in the whole MCU and no other character has been as successful as him when it comes to entertaining the audience.


Source: Screenrant

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