Netflix Is Now Investing Heavily In European Productions

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There existed a time when only American series could be worldwide hits and that time is long gone and that’s main reason why the TV giant Netflix is investing heavily in European productions. In fact, Netflix has even been an instigator in the field, since the first original of Netflix was a Norwegian thriller, Lilyhammer, created in partnership with the NRK channel. To be more precise, Netflix was already convinced that original creation of Europe could work in all markets, even before House of Cards.

During attending a press meet in Rome, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings said:

Today we have 200 employees in Europe. We’ve had big successes here, like Dark , who has walked all over the world, 90% of Dark’s audience is even out of Germany , and that’s also true for The Demoiselles of the phone, which is very well out of Spain, and of course there is La Casa de Papelwhich has become a real phenomenon. This is the most non-English language series on Netflix  today in the world!

Since everything is working as planned and expected, the TV giant has signed to create 10 new projects, including 7 European series. The head of Netflix, Ted Sarandos said:

Our new Stranger Things could come from Europe, I’m sure of it! Our belief is that big stories go beyond borders. When stories from different countries, languages ​​and cultures find a global platform where the only limit is the creator’s imagination, then these unique and universal stories emerge and are welcomed by a global audience.

The upcoming Netflix European series includes Mortel (French), German series The Wave (an adaptation of a novel of the same name), Baby (Italian), Dogs of Berlin (German), The Innocents (an English fantasy series), and Elite (Spanish).

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