Mission: Impossible – Fallout Review

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it.? We are familiar with this dialogue and the anthemic theme music that usually follows for over 2 decades now. The franchise has built a reputation as one of the greatest action movie series in Hollywood. The unconventional and gripping action scenes in every movie has dumbfounded the fans over the years. After 5 movies, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is plausibly the best in the series and we have so many reasons to think so.

Like the title suggests, the movie deals with a radioactive element, Plutonium falling into the wrong hands, The Apostles and serves as a direct sequel to Rogue Nation. As usual Ethan Hunt and his IMF team members need to stop this and if they fail, they are disavowed by the Secretary of United States. There is a recurring antagonist from Rogue Nation who believes that there cannot be peace without greater sufferings. Director McQuarrie who is also returning to direct Fallout has a straightforward content to deal with and he excels in it. Yes it was the Syndicate then and now there are the Apostles.

The never ageing Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt has been a fan favorite for many and has been raising his stakes to a near superhero image every movie.The character is comprehensively written and gets more regard as far as the audiences are concerned. There is one dialogue which speaks so much volumes about him. “The world needs people like you who cares about the one life as much as they care about the millions.” Director has succeeded in bringing significance to Ethan’s life, no matter the hard choices he makes or the hardships he has to go through for his loved ones.

The rest of the cast starting with Henry Cavill fit perfectly in this action feast. The movie offers opulent thrills for the entire 140 minute runtime. The typical antagonist revelation scenes before a shell shocked protagonist are not the scene stealing moments here but some unusual twists and turns. Humor and emotions are conveyed in a most felicitous manner besides the intense action scenes. There is a certain penchant for the action sequences be it the intermittent break in the background score or the imaginary and spontaneous improvisations. Nothing seems to be missing here as they do it the usual way in the last second almost giving the audience a heart attack.

Ethan Hunt regularly assures his teammates that he will figure out something and this guarantee is the core of the Mission Impossible franchise. And Fallout will go down in the history books as one of the well made action entertainers.

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