Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie Gets A Working Title

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An origin movie for Batman’s infamous archenemy,Joker was an intriguing thought for many cine-goers and Batman fans alike. Considering the indelible stamp added in by the late Heath Ledger in the 2008 The Dark Knight and the recent enactment of Jared Leto in DCEUs Suicide Squad, everyone wants to see what the latest entry to the game, Joaquin Phoenix can bring in. The untitled Joker-Origin movie starring Phoenix recently got a working title, to everyone’s delight.

Currently under the working title ‘Romeo‘, the Joker-Origin movie would be the first entry to a new banner into the DC movie-verse, with the title being rumored to be either DC-Dark or DC-Black. Hence, Romeo would be the first DC comics adaptation that works outside the continuity of the Justice League franchise, which was planted by Man Of Steel,in 2013. The new banner as per reports, will bring a more enigmatic,violent and adult tones to its products. The films would be less expensive as compared to the films related to the ongoing franchise, as the budget for Romeo is rumored to be circled only around $55 million. By a theory, this would allow DC to experiment more with the artistic approach, being unbounded from the burden of continuity, like the infamous Elseworlds banner of DC Comics.

Directed by Todd Philips(The Hangover trilogy fame), Romeo is reported to be an adaptation of Alan Moore’s spectacular work Batman: The Killing Joke. The 1988 graphic novel traces the life of a happily married man whose struggle to escape from the realm of being a failed comedian, which tragically results in the grotesque formation of one of the greatest antagonist, the comic book world ever came across. The title Romeo can be a reflection of the possible gloomy love story in the movie.

According to THS, Todd Philips has already recruited  cinematographer Lawrence Sher(The Hangover trilogy, War Dogs) to work on his DC feature, along with production designer Mark Friedberg (NoahSelma) and Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges (Phantom Thread). The script for the movie will by penned by Philips and Oscar-nominee Scott Silver (The Fighter). Phillips and his casting director Shayna Markowitz (Ocean’s 8) is now in an errand to fill up the cast department. Another recent rumor states that DC is eyeing up for legendary actor Robert De Niro for a supporting role. Though nothing related to this news is confirmed so far.

Shoot for Romeo will commence by September.

Source: THS,ScreenRant

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