Creed II Official Trailer Is Out

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“You’ve got everything to lose.This guy has nothing to lose. This guy, he’s dangerous!”

The social media is totally flooded by thoughts and theories regarded by the above quote. And guess what, people are more excited to see the next installment in one of the most beloved franchise in the cinematic history itself! The first trailer for the upcoming Sports-Drama film Creed II was released a few hours back. The trailer looks slick and the indefatigable vibe revolving around the whole aura of the montages, still attracts the audience(especially the fans of sports genre) around.


The 2015 predecessor of the movie Creed was a smashing success and the audience did fell in love with the Michael B. Jordan’s character. The passing of the torch from Rocky to his friend’s son was quiet an adorable plot concept, that engaged the audience to the fullest. Now the latest project also seems to have certain moments that can bring the audience and fans together.

As per the reports, Creed II will have its base engineered from the fifth installment of the franchise, the 1985 Rocky IV starring Sylvester Stallone as the iconic boxer Rocky Balboa. As we all know, it was in this film where Apollo Creed, father of Jordan’s Adonis Creed and Rocky’s best pal, met his ultimate death at the hands of Russian boxer Ivan Drago. The central plot for this film revolved around Rocky’s ultimate tactics to seek vengeance for his dear friend by boxing against the Russian monster, in the ring staged in Drago’s own hometown.  A few references mentioned about Adonis Creed meeting up with his latest opponent,who happened to be the son of Ivan Drago. From a few of the montages, it is revealed that Creed is now at the verge of dealing up with personal obligations with his family. Creed is now a family man with a child from his relationship with Bianca, his girlfriend from Creed.

Creed II is directed by Steven Caple Jr.(The Land). An original screenplay for the film was arranged by Stallone himself. Actress Tessa Thompson will reprise her role from Creed as Creed’s love interest, singer Bianca. Dolph Lundgren is confirmed to return back to his old role as the Russian ‘Death From Above’ boxer Ivan Drago. Romanian boxer Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu is reported to essay the role of Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago. Creed II will hit the theaters on November 21,this year.
Source: Variety 

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